The decision to participate in residential energy programs comes with many responsibilities. An individual or company choosing to participate will need to fill several roles depending on the type and level of participation. The REMCheck system has been designed and built to support a collaborative environment. Our members provide services and programs to each other and choose to participate at the level that works for them. Whether you provide compliance, marketing, certification, rebate or quality assurance programs, provide energy testing and verification services, or provide support and oversight for programs and services, there is a place for your talents.

When you are setting up your organization in the system, the list of roles may seem daunting. Large companies may have multiple people filling the same role, whereas small companies or the one-man-show may have single individuals filling multiple roles. An individual may fill a role, or multiple roles, for multiple organizations. This document serves to define and clarify each of these roles and the unique responsibilities they have.

Owner: The buck stops here and the person or persons with this role have the final decision-making authority for the organization within the context of the REMCheck website and data. The Owner can add members to and remove members from all other organizational roles. An organization may have more than one owner. An owner can remove another owner from the organization or change another owner’s role(s) within the organization.

Account Manager: The Account Manager manages the REMCheck account. They assign roles for the organization, ensure payments are made and oversee general organizational tasks. The Account Manager’s team includes the Administrative Contact and the Accounting Contact.

Administrative Contact: The Administrative Contact is the public-facing point of contact for the company. They are here to help anyone with general questions about the company and its services or programs. When the phone rings or a general inquiry email is sent, this is the person who answers. This person’s name, along with the company phone number and email address, will be visible to other REMCheck users.

Accounting Contact: The Accounting Contact pays the bills and updates credit card information. When a question is received about an unpaid invoice or the timing of a program payment, this is the person who will be able to answer that question. This person’s name, along with the company’s phone number and email for billing inquiries, will be visible to other REMCheck users.

Compliance Manager: The Compliance Manager applies for participation in Programs on behalf of the company and is responsible for ensuring the requirements of those programs are met. They manage equipment calibration and insurance records. This role is responsible for maintaining the accreditations held by the
organization. The Compliance Manager’s team includes the Key Coordinators and Energy Professionals.

Key Coordinator: Customers of the organization come to the Key Coordinator when they want to know the status of their residential energy project. The Key Coordinator can see and access all energy models for the organization(s) for whom they coordinate. This person can submit energy models for program quality assurance and certification on behalf of the Energy Professional. The Key Coordinator manages the queue, keeps the organization’s work flowing, schedules Energy Professionals and keeps the organization’s customers informed.

Energy Professional: The Energy Professional is responsible for the creation of the energy model and for performing the field testing and verification required to submit a project to a program. The Energy Professional holds certifications such as HERS Rater, ENERGY STAR Rater and LEED for Homes Green Rater. They need to complete continuing education and other individual requirements to retain certifications and maintain their
continuing education records.

Program Manager: The Program Manager creates and manages programs for the organization which may be offered externally or may be internal only. They approve or deny requests to register for these programs. They are responsible for overseeing the quality assurance of the organization programs and the approvals of projects submitted to the programs. The Program Manager’s team includes the Quality Assurance Manager and the Quality Assurance Reviewer.

Quality Assurance Manager: The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for overseeing the items in the queue that have been submitted for program approval. The QA Manager approves QA Reviewers to perform quality assurance on specific programs owned by the organization. If there is no QA Reviewer assigned for a
program, the QA Manager becomes the responsible reviewer. The QA Manager can see and access all energy models submitted to the organization’s programs.

Quality Assurance Reviewer: Quality Assurance Reviewers hold authority to perform quality assurance on the specific programs assigned to them. Their queue holds only those energy models submitted for a program for which they are an approved reviewer. They are responsible for reviewing program submissions, providing comments regarding corrections needed, requesting additional information as appropriate, and approving or denying program qualification.

When you register on the website you automatically gain access to the REMCollect app. Both REMCollect and REMCheck work on all modern electronic platforms; Microsoft Windows, desktops, laptops, Android, Apple, iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices.

Register at and select the roles that work best for your situation as described on this REMCheck User Roles information page.