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Use REMCollect FREE!

REMCollect is free to use for a 30 day trial period with no limit on the number of energy audits or ratings or just test field data files (REM .blg) gathered. To get REMCollect on your mobile device you will need to register using the button shown below.

Using REMCollect Mobile Hybrid App

The REMCollect app is specifically designed with energy raters, field techs and auditors in mind. They are using the REMCollect hybrid app to quickly and accurately gather required energy analysis data. Click on photo image above to learn more.

REMCheck Performs Multiple Quality Assurance Checks

REMCheck performs 147 quality checks automatically on every self-checked REM file. It has available an additional 270 visual check items for a human quality assurance verifier to choose from which adds up to over 400 (417 to be exact…so far) quality checks on every REM file!

REMCheck Offers a Variety of User Roles

What do you do with the data collected in the field that has been through over 400 REMCheck quality checks? The answer is up to you but the REMCheck online system gives you many options. Click the image above to learn more.

'Plan' to Take Courses at EnergySmart Institute

Familiar with all the terminology used in residential construction and related trades like the heating, cooling & ventilation (HVAC) industries? Need a refresher course on building science, energy codes or national programs such as ENERGY STAR®? Then please check out the EnergySmart Institute!