Hathmore Technologies, LLC began in September 1979 as a residential energy auditing company with ties to the local community college system in Colorado. The business side of Hathmore has always been under the purview of Sharla Riead and the energy & environmental consulting services were originally performed by her husband, Ken Riead. Hathmore Technologies LLC (HTLLC) is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.

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HTLLC has a division named “Accurate Rater Network” that offers training, mentoring and certification services for home energy auditors, home energy (HERS*) raters and green raters. Accurate Rater Network (ARN) is a RESNET accredited providership that works with the following programs:

  • CEQ Provider for EnergySmart Teams
  • RESNET Training Provider
  • RESNET Rating Provider
  • RESNET Sampling Provider
  • LEED for Homes Program by the US Green Building Council
  • Energy Star Ver. 3 Rev. 8 Program Trainer by the US EPA
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ARN is delivering online, on-demand courses for becoming a RESNET certified home energy rater and many other training & certification options through the EnergySmart Institute or ESI.

*HERS = Home Energy Rating Systems — More Details About HERS raters and related programs available at: RESNET.us

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