When a person begins to delve into topics such as Passive House (Passiv Haus), zero-energy homes, Energy Star certified homes and other energy or green programs they soon discover that there is a mountain of information available, especially on the Internet. Some of this information is valid and helpful while other information is misleading or just plain wrong.

So, when a company has been involved in the energy efficiency, clean energy and environmental fields as long as Hathmore has you begin to recognize others in these same industries who are respected and authoritative in what they say and do, especially when it comes to books, white papers and research. Under the “Books and Resources” tab of this Hathmore website you will find a sub-heading of “Books by Dan Chiras”. Dan has written 35 books on subjects related to clean energy, efficiency, organic food, greenhouses and so on that have well researched information in them.

Other authors and contributors to these fields will also be listed under this tab but, for now, we believe that books written by Dan will offer usable, relevant information as related to the title of that book or publication.